Hi! My name is Karina and I'm a Canadian teaching ESL in Wenzhou, China.Get ready for a note-worthy tale! My experience in applying for jobs abroad was amazing and the agency could not have been more helpful; They made the whole process much easier! However, three days after I arrived in China I was met with an unforeseen emergency surgery and spent over a week in hospital. BAM! But I stuck out the experience and now I can confidently say that teaching ESL is an incredible life experience. If I could make it through that than there's no reason you can't rock your dreams too! There are a million reasons why you should!   


                                                                                          From : Karina (STL ESL teacher working in China )  


I've been living in Penglai City, Shandong Province for almost seven weeks now and couldn't be happier.  Everyone's been very welcoming, the weather is pleasant, and the food is delicious!  I'm delighted to have several classes of no more than ten elementary school students, which allows me to address individual needs.  Teaching one large first year college course, I'm getting some valuable experience with older students.  I appreciate how patient everyone is with me as I adjust to living in a new country and teaching English for the first time.  Kim from STL continues to be extremely supportive.  From the time I fist started thinking about coming to China, through the job hunt, and applying for a visa, to getting settled in here in Penglai Kim has made the entire process as easy as possible.  I think some uncertainty is to be expected when moving to the other side of the world, but throughout the transition it's been reassuring to know I have an advocate and ally who will make sure everything's alright.  I'm glad to be here and feel very much at home.  I'm working on my Chinese, making friends with my neighbors, and becoming a more effective teacher by the day.

                                                                                From : Josh(STL ESL teacher working in China )



My name is Adrienne Barbazza and Im from Toronto, Canada. I have had many experiences teaching in other countries and have used agencies before. However, my experiences do not compare to that of STL. I have never been so fortunate to have a company take care of their foreign teachers as STL does. Through every step of the way, from applying for work visas and getting papers in order, STL maintained contact with me to make sure everything was going smoothly and if I had any questions. If I had a question they couldnt answer, they did everything in their power to find a solution to help. They went above and beyond their title of job placement agency. Even now, as I am settled in my job, I get emails from them asking how everything is. I even had the pleasure of meeting my STL representative who flew all the way out to meet me. Things like that are rare and companies like this are truly amazing for being able to make foreign teachers feel safe and cared for.

                                                                                  From :Adrienne Barbazza (STL  ESL teacher working in China now )



Hello there! My name is Alexi and let me tell you, STL has made my ESL experience in China a blast. Before coming to China, I had some doubts. I'd never been to China before and I was worried about what might happen if I ran into trouble, but STL put all those concerns to rest. They were very helpful in finding a placement and their dedication to making my experience a pleasant one was amazing. Even after arriving, they still assisted me. I even got to have lunch with my representative! I am positive I will have an amazing adventure and I cannot thank them enough for making all this possible.





Alexi Tosi-Cavanagh

(STL ESL teacher working in Jining ,China)



My name is Jeff Keppler I am 25 and just moved from the NYC Suburbs to Guangzhou China, Guangdong Province.  I have been working at a Kindergarten teacher now for 2 months and i am very thankful to Kim and the STL staff for all their help getting me here. I recommend this ESL Teaching. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore. 

 -----Jeff Keppler  STL ESL teacher now working in Guangzhou ,China


"Hello My name is Jennifer Ryder working in BEIJING. As a first time ESL teacher I didn't even know where to start when applying for a position.  I was so lucky to come across STL.  Within a week I had a job in a great company.  STL took care of everything, applications, interview set up and contract acceptance.  I am so grateful to Kim and I recommend his company to anyone thinking of finding a teaching position here in China."

             ---Jennifer Ryder (STL ESL teacher working in Beijing )


Hello, my name is Karl Barton. I was born and raised in Ann Arbor. Michigan. I graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Global Studies. I have been teaching all over the world, from the inner cities of America to rural parts of Africa, for the last 7 years. I have used many different agents to help me find schools, but STL has been the most professional I have ever seen. Trying to find the right school in a foreign country can be a challenge. STL was helpful in every step of the way. When I did not hear back from a school or was unable to decipher an email, all I needed to do was contact STL and the problem was resolved. This one simple thing is very hard for a lot of recruiters to understand but it is key to finding the right school. If you are thinking of finding a job in China or any of the surrounding countries I recommend STL. I have several friends who have switched agents because of how helpful STL is.

                                                                       ----Karl Barton(STL ESL  teacher working in China now )


STL Hong Kong has been great to me. They made my transition from
teaching in Russia to China very easy. They were able to find me my
Job very quickly and were very professional. The other teachers that I
have dealt with that were recruited by STL HK have been great as well.
I would definitely continue to use their services if I decide to stay
in their market.

                                                       ------Christopher(STL ESL teacher working in Beijing now )


Hello, my name is David Siewert and I have been teaching in Wuhan, China for the past month and a half now. As this is my first experience teaching abroad, I was overwhelmed as I started to apply for positions in China, but then I got hooked up with STL and the rest was easy. This is a truly professional organization, and youre more than a name to them. I was surprised when Kim, the director, came to visit me at my school, and make sure that all of the arrangements were suitable. Its difficult immersing yourself in a country and culture which is vastly different than your own, but when you know you have people whore willing to support you, you can focus more on the good stuff C like getting lost in the night markets and visiting temples!

                                                               --------- David Siewert  (STL ESL teacher working in Wu han,China  now)


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